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New Member from East Central Florida

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Hello from east central Florida.

We put down a $1,000 refundable deposit and placed an order for a 2023 EUV Premier on 9/27/2022. The original order was for a black ext/black int with SC. In January the order was changed to black ext/gray int w/no options. The modified order was accepted by GM on 3/30/2023; a TPW of 5/1/2023 was assigned on 4/6/2023and the EUV was delivered to us on 5/19/2023. The entire transaction was conducted via email and phone.

I would like to associate myself with many other new members who expressed their appreciation for the knowledge and experience shared by everyone on this forum. That shared knowledge and a lot of YT videos were extremely helpful in making the decision to buy an electric vehicle and the EUV specifically.

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Sky
My wife and I are looking forward to our EUV experience and a smooth ride both literally and figuratively.
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Any time I ever get invited to the villages I feel like keys and bowls will be involved. Welcome!
And you'll take a few million new "friends" home with you...
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I suppose it'll be terribly confusing if it's a Bolt gathering and a key/bowl situation.
The "friends" are microscopic or possibly only visible with an electron microscope.
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