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New member, GOM joy

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Hi all, I’m loving my new 2020 Nightfall Gray LT. It’s a perfect commuter vehicle for me in my semi-urban area. Love how quiet it is, fun to drive, comfortable and compact for on-street parking. I’ve had it for just over 2 weeks and just did my first L2 charge at work (free) from about 50%-75% in 3hrs20min. I got about 150mi on that half battery in mostly city 30-50mph driving. We’re taking it on our first long trip 300+mi to vacation in Maine next week. We can do it with just one 1hr stop around Portland for lunch.

I’ve been toggling between D and L mode and have decided I like one-pedal L mode for stop and go driving, but D mode better on the highway. Do folks have any data on if either mode is more efficient? I would think it would end up being the same since the brake pedal is also regenerative. I’ve averaged 4.6mi/kWh since I got it.

Coming from a 20yo ICE, the technology, especially the safety features, is magical. Only thing that annoys me is the stupid radio that unmutes itself every time I turn the car on (I know I looked up this quirk and the solutions)! Getting in the habit of turning it all the way down before I power off.

Regenerative braking/deceleration is still the coolest thing about EVs to me. After paying too much attention to the GOM, I noticed the last few days that there is the potential for the GOM number to go UP while driving if the terrain is mostly down hill. This is amazing. Today on my 7-mile commute home from work after charging the car, GOM started at 208, climbed to 210, then I arrived home with 209 on the dash. Amazing! It put a big smile on my face. This is a very gradual downhill (only about -200 ft I think overall) over 7mi. You can’t put gas in the tank by going downhill in an ICE! Electric motors/generators are the coolest. So simple answer efficient.

Thanks everyone for the advice and information on this forum. It’s been super helpful throughout my search, purchase, and now ownership of my Bolt!
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