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New Member: Placed an Order on Earth Day

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I've been lurking on this forum for a few weeks and have learned a lot about the Bolt and pros and cons. Thank you!

I placed an order for an EV LT2 with ACC and the upgraded sound on Earth Day from a dealer who didn't have any Bolts on the lot, but assured me that they: #1 had allocations and #2 that there was no one else in the queue for a Bolt at that dealership. I put $500 down (fully refundable) and they printed out the order workbench sheet with the 6 character order number.

So, what is the conventional / forum wisdom on whether this Bolt will be made? Will GM continue to allow dealers to place orders on Bolts that will never be built or will they cut off the ordering process when they reach the production capacity? Would have I increased my odds of getting a Bolt by ordering an EUV?

Thanks for your collective opinions!
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I have no wisdom but from what I have read, the time range is all over the map. And, with the announcement that this is the last year for the Bolt, there will be a cutoff date for manufacturing. Who knows when that will be? I hope it works out for you.
For Canada, we ordered our EV in September 2022, it got built in March 2023, and delivery date is projected to be mid May 2023... everyone has different time line results depending on nuances like batch runs, delivery scheduling and other groupings to make things more cost effective... you're dealer may be able to give you a better idea of time line to delivery than anyone else can... my dealer said 7 to 8 months, and ... so far that has been accurate.. my experience with GM's bot order number information has been dismal... essentially useless with no real information at all... no progress reported except order accepted and waiting allocation, to congratulations it's produced check with your dealer... the same message the bot gave to an order already in the dealers hands (an order came in, which was declined by the orderer so I had a shot at it)... hang in there, progress is slow, but it does move...
Order update. I was contacted today by the dealer and they have an allocation, hooray!

BUT, 2LTs are constrained. So, there goes the leather seats, adaptive cruise control and the upgraded sound system. The good news is that nothing was constrained on the LT, so was able to add both the driver confidence and the comfort and convenience packages. Also added the upgraded wheels. Works out to be almost $3K less than the 2LT build AND the order was accepted by GM immediately. I am now officially in the pipeline. Hopefully will see a build date in the next week or 2.

Someone tell me that I won't miss those options that I couldn't get.
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