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Congratulations. I think you'll love driving an EV. My first EV was a 2013 Nissan Leaf, 84 mile range, which I leased. Main reason was I was burning hundreds of dollars in gas a month just to commute 15 miles to work, back and forth, day after day. The incentive was I got free parking and free charging for 2 years. When the Bolt arrived in 2017, I jumped at the opportunity. With 250 mile range (and more depending how your drive it), it really opened up the possibilities of travel. If you're completely new to EVs, there are some challenges and learning.
Charging - where to do it. At home is best so plan on getting a 240v charger.
Maintenance ... well, there's almost nothing. Just change your wiper blades when they wear out and rotate tires every 7500 miles. That's about it.
Driving style - with regenerative braking on or not - The Bolt comes with a strong regenerative braking system. You can drive with it on (L) or off (D). In D mode, its like driving a gas car and using the brake pedal to slow. Learning how to drive with regen on in L mode takes like a day to get accustomed to it. Then there's the regen paddle for extra regen. I always drive in L mode unless i'm on the freeway at higher speeds with little need to slow/brake. Also, I find the regen mode makes driving in stop and go traffic almost painless. There's no need transmission constantly down-shifting and up-shifting. It's a smooth ride.
Instant torque and acceleration - It's a blast. When you want to go ... press on the accelerator pedal and it goes, fast.
Now, have fun with it. Join a local EV group, if there is one near you, and learn more from other's experiences.
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