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2017 Bolt EV Ioniq 5 reservation
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Welcome aboard. Now at nearly 2 years (May) and estimating 24K miles by then, I am still in love with my 2017 Bolt EV. Today I was, again, wowed by how accurate the blind spot detection is. There is NO time when the adjacent lane vehicle is not either seen or indicated. Yesterday, I was, again, wowed by how accurate the high-beam auto-dimming feature is. I am impressed by how accurate the range indicators (high, usual, low) are. I know that, if on a long (> 230 miles) summertime trip, if I simply keep my speed 5-10 mph lower than posted, I can raise the range to 4.2-4.3 miles/kWh. This week, I am driving to Columbus OH, the nearest DCFC station, 165 miles away. After a full charge (unusual; I usually fill to hilltop reserve only) I will probably have 170 miles of range indicated (5 mile reserve margin). I will probably arrive with a 20 mile margin. I will charge for just under 1 hour (over a slow lunch) and continue the next 100 miles to my destination (and Level 2 EVSE only) with NO range anxiety.

Look to the Forum for any question (look in the Owner's Manual first). Many people/posters here are happy to give good, honest advice.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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