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New owner 2019 Premium

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Hello, just got a 2019, my first full EV, coming from a 2017 Volt driven 93% on electric (52K total)
Thanks for the add and hope to learn and in the future be able to collaborate with the group
Collierville, TN
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Sure, this is the only picture I've got, since it has been raining since I got it on the 24th.
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Thanks for your comments!

It's a dodge Caliber from my daughter, she works from home, so the car only has 21k miles.
It's a 4 inline with CVT, not a very fast car to be honest
Thanks, I had a Volt 2017 Premier, and I loved the heated seats and the heated steering wheel, I think the Bolt works better on the heating of the wheel
Thanks, It's different. Yes we live in Collierville, what color is your car?
I have only seen one other bolt, it was on 385 last year, not many around
1 - 7 of 17 Posts
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