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I will poop on Tesla and Musk to no end but I'll also defend them where defending is needed. I hate ascribing too many virtues to a man who behaves so disgustingly in public at times but he's just not the type. Clearly his driving force is getting the job done he wants to get done and he doesn't care about the money because it just flows. Check out this clip, this is a pretty popular space YouTuber asking him a question about a theoretical engine in a "gothca" kind of way and look at Elon's response:

I love that question because it's the second Elon realizes "holy ****, I love this interviewer" (because of the technical nature of the question) and you see how he reacts to competition, progress, and such. He starts to break it down on why the engine isn't a great idea but then he just stops and goes, "show me I'm wrong and I'll thank you!" and he clearly means it. Like he just wants to get the rocket into space or the M3 on the street.

Even with their SuC you can kind of get a sense that Tesla the company is way more willing to milk the proprietary nature while Elon is constantly like, "no we should have a universal standard!"

Like, I don't think he's a great guy across the board but anti-competitive when it comes to technology progressing? He's just not even remotely close to that kind of patent troll.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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