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Congrats and welcome aboard. {See my post on your other thread.} The Federal tax credit is still active at full level for the Bolt (will be phased out after ~200,000 EVs [Bolts and Volts] sold - nowhere near that total yet). Don't know Texas program details. Others may fill you in.
Hello kemsa 51.

Yes. The federal $7,500 tax credit is still available for the Bolt.

As far as a state credit for Texas there is a small state tax credit but it is income based and only available in certain counties. Here is the link:

Note that if you qualify for the state credit of $3000, you must fill out the forms and get approval BEFORE you purchase the vehicle. This is different than most other states.

Also. If you do not qualify for the state credit above, governor Greg Abbott approved additional grants in the last legislative session and those are due to come out in the spring of 2018. No one knows if they will be retroactive but my guess is they will be...

Hope this helps.
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