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Newly All-EV Household With a 2023 Bolt EUV LT

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My wife and I decided to go all-EV and purchase a new Bolt EUV due to our great experience thus far with our 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 and thanks to the temporary $7,500 tax credit. We've been enjoying our EUV over the first couple weeks and look forward to learning from you all and (hopefully) sharing some useful information along the way.

- Ed
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I concur with your relative likes, with the caveats that we have lower trims on both, so we don't have Supercruise, and the power difference is smaller between the Bolt and the RWD Ioniq 5.

To your list, I'd add:
  • Bolt likes: easier to fit in smaller parking spaces, smoother transition into/out of regen-on-demand, tight turning radius
  • Ioniq 5 RWD likes: choosing between many levels of regenerative braking (including auto), wider infotainment screen great for split-screen Android Auto, better EV controls through Bluelink app, higher efficiency in city driving
When I test drove Ioniq 5, regen levels didn't seem to "stick". I had to toggle regen levels constantly after stops. Is that normal?
That's definitely not normal, unless by "stops" you mean actually turning the car off: it always starts in regen level 3. I actually switch between levels within the "auto" setting frequently when driving to manage deceleration instead of using the brake pedal.
Traffic light stops... regen level 3, is that the lowest level of regen? Maybe that is what I experienced as I found I was always messing with regen levels.
Regen level 3 is the highest other than i-pedal. Were you pulling and holding the right steering paddle? That will bring you in and out of the "auto" regen setting, and that defaults to auto-low but will vary based on terrain and whether you're approaching a slower vehicle ahead. You can also set the minimum regen level within auto, which is what I usually do (e.g., gradually shifting to higher regen before slowing to turn).
I guess it is more nuanced than the Bolt... surely I would adjust, and in a 10 minute test drive, difficult to master it all, thanks.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts