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Newly All-EV Household With a 2023 Bolt EUV LT

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My wife and I decided to go all-EV and purchase a new Bolt EUV due to our great experience thus far with our 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 and thanks to the temporary $7,500 tax credit. We've been enjoying our EUV over the first couple weeks and look forward to learning from you all and (hopefully) sharing some useful information along the way.

- Ed
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We got a Bolt EUV in December and a Ioniq 5 SEL AWD in January. Both great cars. They replace 2 very old Priuses. Our 2005 Prius is still running and the 2010 reached 300k miles.
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Things I like about the Bolt: SuperCruise, rear wiper, light steering, easy to read dash displays and PRICE.
Things I like about the Ioniq 5 SEL AWD: power (320 hp!), looks (not just another SUV), seat comfort (sorry, Bolt), roomy rear cargo space, fast charging, more range.
As for differences between the Bolt EUV and Ioniq 5 I would add:

The Bolt has more assisted steering which I like. Ioniq 5 steering is a bit stiff.
The Bolt connects wirelessly with Waze which is really much better than by wire.
Not really a fan of the Chrome and black look on the Bolt. The teal green and cream interior of the Ioniq 5 is more refined.
Really like the sunroof on the Bolt. Audio quality on the cars is about the same. Not bad, not great but then I am very fussy about music, mainly classical.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts