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No more Fossils for me

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Finally got my no fossil car! Yay!
New 2019 Bolt LT. Got in just under the Fed tax credit cut from $3750 down to $1875.
Impressed with GOM, Charged to 182 miles (middle number), in Wood Village, Or. Drove over Mt. Hood to home in Bend, Or.
150 miles. Arrived home with 25 miles range left (middle number again). Not bad! Cold and cloudy on east side of cascades.
Had seat heater on and cycled steering wheel heater/regular heat/defog.
Time to do some electrified exploring.
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Finally got my no fossil car!
Welcome aboard. FYI, if you want to be in charge of the heater and AC, you need to turn off the auto defog feature.
Welcome!!! For a new owner, you have a much higher threshold for anxiety than I do. In my 1.5 years of ownership I’ve never had the GOM go below 50. Again, congrats and enjoy!
Lowest I have been down to was 1.6% SOC, per Torque Pro, 4 miles range per DIC. But this was pulling into our garage, so no stress.

I was a bit nervous heading north on I-81 after an EV event at Virginia Tech, this April, pulling into the EA charge station with 3.6% SOC per Torque Pro.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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