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No regrets about switching

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My absurd, overvalued Toyota in this market, allowed me to trade for an equal value Leaf S Plus., nearly new 2021. I won’t argue the merits of trying GM again. [ Pacifica hybrid LG fires now too! ]
There’s enough ChadeMo chargers around if needed (rarely) and 220 mile range is plenty Even IF I lose 10% thru degradation in a couple years. Statistics on 2nd generation batteries are pretty good.
I was at first skeptical but after driving a Leaf, I now have to admit my preference for it over the Bolt!
Blasphemy on this website, I know. It handles fine and the ride is not jarring like the Bolt. If it’s slower 0-60, I sure can’t tell. Both cars fill the bill for my desire to drive an EV from now on. After owning both, I’m quite content now with the Leaf‘s fit & finish, performance, full safety suite and general value.
Anyone doing a repurchase or ”fire sale” and shopping again for a BEV shouldn’t be afraid that Leaf can’t compete, My $0.02.
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