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It's possible, albeit VERY unlikely, the antenna came unplugged. If your Bolt is older and in the sun a lot, it's possible that the antenna is "cooked." It could be in the radio itself, but I think defective antenna or wire damage to the antenna wire (rodent damage?) are more likely.

If it were my car, I'd test an aftermarket Siriusxm antenna by plugging it into the back of the radio (I wouldn't even bother to unravel the wiring, so long as it's not in a garage/building, it will pick up signal). If it works, I'd use the aftermarket antenna and place it either on the dashboard corner or center, or on the roof right in front of the hatch. Installing the factory antenna would require dropping the headliner and all sorts of other "fun" stuff.

Good luck and I'll be curious how you make out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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