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Thanks for the info. I also come from a town with 155" avg snowfall (but don't live there anymore) . I think the clearance inside steel wheels is usually more than alloy, so even if some 15" allow wheels don't fit, the steel wheels are more likely to fit.

As for TPMS, my set was similar price to yours ("4x New 13598771 13598772 TPMS Tire Pressure Sensors for GM Buick Chevrolet" $32). If by "TPMS programmer," you mean telling the bolt computer about the new TPMS codes, you don't need that: you can initiate the Bolt's TPMS relearn using just the steering wheel buttons:
The only tool you need is "TPMS relearn tool", like this
...which basically just transmittes a noise to wake-up each TPMS sensor. I think of it as an "alarm clock for TPMS sensors".

I prefer the steel wheels in winter. I call it "battle mode". Here's a picture of Quicksilver this morning. No hubcaps needed. Plus, when you're shoveling your car free after getting plowed-in, you can stab the shovel straight down next to the wheel and not worry about scratching anything.
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