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Noob question, little panicked.

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I have a 2019 Bolt LT that I got a couple weeks ago which I park uncovered. My part of NC has been in a "flash drought" but last night we got some rain. I haven't been out to try to start it yet this morning. So here are my questions:

Should I put the car in a bag of rice to dry it put first? It worked when I dropped my phone in the pool last summer?

Do chevy dealer sell appropriately sized bags?

What is a good source for bulk rice?

Would it help to pack the inside of the car w/ those little sillica packets?

Is the rice reusable (to dry the car again next time, not for eating) and what's the best storage method?

Thanks for your help!
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Sry Bud. Not you. Wesley Crusher. ;)
Well at least it is not due to a ID-Ten-Tee error...
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...and is attracted to vehicles right after they're washed.
No that’s bird crap.
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