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Hi all 😀

Like brand new because I can only recall using it a couple times.

I have had this since my first Bolt (2017) and don’t really use it, because it’s overkill. I always park in a covered garage, so I mainly need one for short, out and about while parking-type use.

I have a umbrella shade I have used for a few years which I like, as is easier to open/put in place, and close/put away.

The OEM is thick and heavy, and completely fills the entire windshield. I would use it if the car was going to be parked outside all the time. It does bend/bow somewhat while it is in the window, due to the weight I suppose.

Anyway, for anyone interested, I will just give it to someone who can pick it up, or is within reasonable/agreeable meeting distance.

Anyone else may have it for $10 handling (I have to come up with a box, original is history) plus actual shipping. For reference from 95360, it weighs ~4.75 pounds, and a box will probably put it at a 6 lb shipping weight. I can use either USPS or FedEx, I don’t think it will fit in the UPS box in town.

PM me if interested, and have a beautiful day 👍