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Old forum lurker becomes new Bolt owner

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My name is Devin, and our family lives in the Hamilton area of Ontario. We purchased our first EV at the end of August. Our decision to go electric, and specifically a 2019 Bolt LT, is mostly YOUR fault!

This forum has been fantastic while conducting our initial research. All of my questions have been answered inside these threads. Thank you very much for taking the time to post and comment. Even just hitting the “like” button on a post has let us know how many others felt the same way.

We visited 5 dealerships, drove 5 various EVs, and 1 hybrid. I found the majority of dealerships (including GM) are still unprepared to properly showcase EVs and inform the public... so this forum has been an essential resource for us.

So far, we have:
  • done front seat mods
  • hardwired 7.6KW + portable 3.8KW L2 chargers, with adapters for NEMA 6-20 and EATON S42 (common welder hookup among friends in hard-to-reach places)
  • talked non-stop to everyone who had enough time to go around the block :)
You all rock!

My background is manufacturing & process design. Educated in electronics/engineering, and have worked in places like IBM’s power division back in the 90’s. Currently have 5.5 KW of solar on the roof (grid-tied) plus an additional 1.4 KW for various wife-anxiety raising projects.

Thanks again everyone... you have made a great community!
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Found it curious that you still needed the Front Seat Fix mod. I sat in a friend’s 2019 Premier and his non-modded seat felt improved from our 2017 pre-modification.
It may well be improved,.. butt after 20km in the LT seat, I was getting the initial pangs of buyer’s regret. This car was made in May 2019.

After a bit more time, I’ll join the seat thread with latest results.
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