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One pedal deceleration advice please

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So I'm about a month in on my Bolt now and loving it. I really enjoy L except I'm paranoid that I'll be rear-ended when stopped. So, I'll often press the brake to illuminate the brake lights, especially if I'm stopped alone and a car behind me then approaches with speed. I feel especially vulnerable if it's lower light conditions before dark, the auto headlights haven't come on yet, and also because my Bolt is black. I do think the brake lights should be illuminated when the car is not moving in L and I can't see any disadvantage to that feature being added (would be sweet to see it in an OTA update). That's beside the point though...

So what's your best advice on what to do if you are in L and you need to slow down more quickly than the the one pedal regen provides? Seems there are two choices: 1) pull the regen paddle to slow down even quicker, or 2) move my foot and press the brake pedal. I hesitate to "waste time" with option 1 if the paddle regen still isn't sufficient thereby causing panic, but option 2 seems to basically induce a panic stop because now I'm combining max L regen with potential friction brake addition too. So basically how do you best judge when to use L regen, paddle addition, and/or brake pedal?

Note, this is more theoretical than anything I've experienced regularly. I enjoy the art of planning stopping distances perfectly in L so that I have enough regen to illuminate the brake lights and also stop exactly where I want to.
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Brake lights will come on when your slowing down using regen but will not remain on once the vehicle is stopped. Once the vehicle has come to a stop I depress the brake pedal to light up the brake lights and hold the vehicle in the stopped position.

As far as stopping I modulate the go pedal in L mode. Then if I need more I press on the paddle. Finally if that is not enough then I will press on the brake to slow the vehicle as quickly as possible.

Glad your enjoying your new Bolt. Its a wonderful car for sure.
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