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One pedal deceleration advice please

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So I'm about a month in on my Bolt now and loving it. I really enjoy L except I'm paranoid that I'll be rear-ended when stopped. So, I'll often press the brake to illuminate the brake lights, especially if I'm stopped alone and a car behind me then approaches with speed. I feel especially vulnerable if it's lower light conditions before dark, the auto headlights haven't come on yet, and also because my Bolt is black. I do think the brake lights should be illuminated when the car is not moving in L and I can't see any disadvantage to that feature being added (would be sweet to see it in an OTA update). That's beside the point though...

So what's your best advice on what to do if you are in L and you need to slow down more quickly than the the one pedal regen provides? Seems there are two choices: 1) pull the regen paddle to slow down even quicker, or 2) move my foot and press the brake pedal. I hesitate to "waste time" with option 1 if the paddle regen still isn't sufficient thereby causing panic, but option 2 seems to basically induce a panic stop because now I'm combining max L regen with potential friction brake addition too. So basically how do you best judge when to use L regen, paddle addition, and/or brake pedal?

Note, this is more theoretical than anything I've experienced regularly. I enjoy the art of planning stopping distances perfectly in L so that I have enough regen to illuminate the brake lights and also stop exactly where I want to.
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exactly the sequence that I employ. Use 'L' then add regen paddle if 'L' isn't enough. Then add brake if that doesn't work. So I'll have all three.

Only time that didn't work was when my steel toe work boots actually snagged a piece of the accelerator as I was pushing the brake. Pushing the brake really really hard did overcome the accelerator as all cars should. And luckily I noticed what was happening in a few moments and got my boot moved off the accelerator. There was that moment of panic wondering why the car wasn't wanting to stop. All that torque can have some disadvantage.

Note that the Bolt will automatically apply brake lights while deaccelerating. But as you note, they don't stay illuminated when at a complete stop. Like you, I apply the brake to turn my brake lights on until I'm satisfied everyone behind me is going to stop.
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I can't figure out a reason why it wouldn't be optimal for the car to display brake lights when stopped in L instead of the current approach.
I like the ability to flash the brake lights with the brake pedal to get someone's attention. Programming them to stay on automatically at a stop would remove that ability. Would be nice if it was a user setting though. Then each driver can set their preferred choice.
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Don't want to hijack, but this is sort of related. I leave it in L all the time. When using cruise control and trying to disengage the cruise (but not clear it so I can resume later) if I touch the brake it seems to about throw you into the windshield with the deceleration of L and braking combined. How do people handle that one?
You need to press the accelerator down before disengaging the cruise control. I usually use the cruise control off button to disengage. Some people actually use the regen paddle to disengage the cruise control. I try to press the accelerator down until I actually feel the car slightly accelerate before disengaging. So you have to plan ahead. Some just put the car in 'D' if using the cruise control.
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The angst seems to be positioning, or lack of access to the paddle.
The worst I've done is change the favorites on my radio now and again.
The reason we slide our hands on the wheel while turning is to maintain control of the wheel. If we stay gripped to the wheel while turning, it becomes awkward in very sharp turns. Of course, most turns do not require one to slide the wheel through hands, but some sharp turns do.
I've been teaching myself to keep my hand on the regen paddle while I make a turn. Works quite nicely. That way I don't lose track of it so easily.
am familiar with the pulse-glide technique to maximize kinetic energy transfer.
several threads on this subject. here's a post from one of those threads:
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Does anyone know if there any harm to shifting to L while in motion? Or do I need to be stopped, then shift to it?
You can shift on the fly at anytime. Just click back on the shifter to go in or out of either 'D' or 'L' at anytime. All you're changing is the regen programming.
with distracted driving at an all time high, I doubt brake light rule changes will help. mandatory auto braking systems will be legislated instead.
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