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Push the blue button above your head in the car and ask.
The few times I've had the displeasure of speaking with anyone from OnStar -- I come away from the conversation feeling dirty and like I wasted 30 to 60 minutes of my life. Even when you clearly explain what you want or don't want from an OnStar rep, all they seem to know how to do is read from a script that's just them trying to sell you more services. There's a reason their business is only phone based and you can't add/remove/cancel via a web interface like a normal business. When I have to repeat 8 times in a row "cancel all services" to a woman that can't really speak english, all while she's trying to sign me up for more stuff? Hard pass.

Took delivery of an absolutely loaded 22 EUV, and they only want to give me 30 days of remote fob access? My 2017 Volt came with 6+ years of free access, and 2023's get 3 years of free remote fob. The fact that they can't have any sort of consistent or fair application of the rules that change month to month, is another nail in the coffin for them being worth even $1 to me.
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