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The Ontario government just announced that the maximum Electric Vehicle Incentive Program incentive cap of 30% of base MSRP is eliminated.

For Bolt, this means that the incentive for the LT model will no longer be capped at 30%*$42,795 = $12,838 including HST. The LT will now be eligible for the max $14,000 rebate comprised of 1.) $10,000 based on battery capacity size of 16kwh, plus 2.) $3,000 for battery capacity size of greater than 16kwh, plus 3.) $1,000 for vehicle with seating for five or more.

There is no change for the Premier model. As the Premier’s 30% cap at 30%*$47,895=$14,368 exceeded the $14,000 program maximum described above.

So now the LT and Premier are both eligible for the maximum $14,000 tax-included incentive. I must admit that the previous additional incentive on Premier versus LT ($14,000 vs. $12,838), along with high Cdn pricing on the LT packages, push me into ordering the Premier. Oh well, I’ve since got used to the idea of getting the extra creature comforts and techie stuff on my ordered Premier so I’m still happy with my choice.
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