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After this recall, will you think twice about plugging people in?

Paranoid much?

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So I plugged in to charge at a public level 2. Come back 8 hours later to find another bolt there! So awesome.

I finish my charge and am so excited to plug them in. Like a good samaritan, I hook up their car to the level 2 charger. I notice three flashes and exclaim “wow they are already 75% charged at least well I am happy to top them off”

I drive away.

I start thinking... what if they don’t have hilltop reserve on. What if they don’t come back for hours?

my girlfriend starts laughing.... “what if the owner comes back and his car is on fire because YOU plugged them in”

i laugh a little too. And then die inside.
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The CHARGE PORT DOOR OPEN idea is great, if everyone learns it as a customary signal. Except perhaps in bad weather.
One of the many reasons public chargers should have coverings.

The bigger issue I've encountered is that people don't know that the charge port door being open is a request to be plugged in. Out of the several times it's come up, never once did the other person plug me in upon leaving.
Plenty of places in the USA are like that, it's usually just spite or misdirected anger. I had a neighbor like that, fortunately it was never directed at me.
Yup. The United States has a real problem with institutional racism, which is both demonstrable and provable. Racism on a personal level is far more limited, but in my current industry, we have regular trainings to avoid discrimination and disparate treatment (we have volumes of data proving it is still a common occurrence). Policing, in particular, has a serious problem, where certain groups are disproportionately the victims of law enforcement abuse.

The fact that some people have to walk around worrying about how every action they take is perceived and scrutinized by law enforcement and other citizens to the point that common acts of decency (such as plugging in another EV) is the real travesty with American society.

And yes, not recognizing or understanding that discrimination is "privileged" thinking.
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It's far more than that. It's this weird mix of racism, political polarization, religious indoctrination, gun rights, self-appointed militias, and probably even more that leave those of us on the outside shaking our heads in disbelief.
I would caution against conflating systemic racism with hegemony. Both are connected in American society, but racial hegemony is no longer required since we traded chattel slavery for indentured servitude and prison labor. The polarization is by design, and its purpose is to distract Americans from the fact that their government no longer works for them.
I wasn't conflating them, I was listing a series of symptoms. Such symptoms don't have to be related be a societal problem.
That's fair, but my point is that they aren't "symptoms," they are purposeful tactics.
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