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Parking enforcement at Kirkland WA. Premier trim

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I think it's very optimal that government agencies are adopting EVs. I think it's very sub-optimal that government agencies would spend taxpayer dollars or premium trims. Not only would an LT be sufficient for this work, most of the options--maybe even DCFC--would be largely unnecessary.
Premium trim has the 360 camera. If you're going to be parallel parking a lot (like someone in parking enforcement might), it's worth the upgrade.
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Or you could just learn to parallel park.

I mean, I find the standard camera does help, but I don't need it much, and have managed well for years without one. So I'm not gonna be impressed with any claim that it's "necessary" for doing that work.
All it takes is avoiding one fender bender payout for the upgrade to be worthwhile. Someone writing the specs for the purchase might prefer the upgrade over trusting that everyone assigned to parking enforcement can "just learn to parallel park." Agreed, however, that downgrading the trim could be a cost-cutting measure.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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