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Does anyone know how to pay with an EVgo account at an Electrify America charging station? I just got my $500 EVgo credit for my 22 Bolt. I see where EVgo works with Chargepoint in the EVgo app, but I don't see anything about EA. Back in 2019, they announced a partnership, but I don't see any way to use my EVgo account on an Electrify America DCFC.

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You can pay with EVGo at a Chargepoint station, but no link with EA at this time.

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Yep. Partner Roaming by EVgo | More Charging Stations, More Options lists their partners.
Which partner roaming networks are included?
EVgo drivers can currently enjoy roaming access on the ChargePoint network.
We have also announced agreements to enable roaming access on the EV Connect network, so stay tuned for further updates on those and others over the coming months!
Not sure of the status of EVgo And Electrify America Announce Roaming Partnership given what the 1st URL says.
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