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If you are in the U.S., the NEC says you will supply continuous loads at not less than 125% of the nameplate rating. When you have done the math, you may round up to the next common overcurrent device rating on circuits less than 800 amps.
My personal 32 amp level two charger is connected to a 40A two pole breaker. If you upside the wire for voltage drop reasons that does not charge the receptacle or breaker sizing.
I do take issue with plugging a level one charger into a 14-50 receptacle. If there were ever an equipment failure it would probably be pretty impressive.
Why? The OEM EVSE internals were designed to accept 120-240VAC 50-60Hz to make it compatible with international markets. In the US, it has a 5-15P on it. Easily changed to a 15-50P, but you lose the plug's thermal protections doing so. I'd think that plugging an OEM EVSE into a 14-50R would give a much larger contact area, and thereby reduce the chances of a high-resistance heat-generating connection.
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