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Porsche sent its Taycan EV cross-country to claim a 'charging time' record

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A standard 2021 Porsche Taycan has broken the Guinness World Record for the shortest charging time to cross the United States in an electric vehicle. It only needed a cumulative charge time of 2 hours, 26 minutes and 48 seconds to cover a 2,834.5-mile drive from Los Angeles to New York.

While the record it broke is highly specific, there was a previous holder: A Kia EV6, which had to be charged for 7 hours, 10 minutes and 1 second to make a similar, but just slightly longer, trip from New York to LA.
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The driver was Wayne Gerdes whose specialty is hypermiling. He does this for a living and does much better than the average driver; however, he shows what is possible. For example:
How 'hypermiling' can save you a lot of fuel (and the planet) | CNN

Gerdes hold several other records. He once pushed a Honda Insight hybrid to four times its rating, achieving 220 miles per gallon on a 15-mile drive.

In 2008 he drove a stock Toyota Prius on an all-highway, 805-mile route from New York to Chicago on a single tank of fuel (he arrived with a gallon to spare).

Similarly, last year, he drove a RAM 1500 truck from Los Angeles to Denver on a single tank, while climbing over the Rocky Mountains in mid-winter.

He has his own website, CleanMPG at:
Wow, thats literally insane. I figured this guy must be pretty talented, in that he was speaking directly to Electrify America engineering and Porsche to recommend software updates - that they executed days later - from his data and write ups he was giving them.

He apparently has hundreds of gigabytes of video and data, and Guinness Certified his achievement, so thats as legit as anything will ever be. Pretty amazing though! I don't know if I will ever need a car to charge at 350 kw - which is kind of unbelievable in its own right. But there you have it.
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