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Hopefully they didn't let the fluidic block heater to run dry, and fry it. $2300 is ridiculous for that. Its a cheap part, and right on top and easily accessed IIRC. And if the heater was fried, they should cover it.
The reservoir they refill during battery replacement is the one for the traction battery system. That is the one that is empty in the OPs picture.The tankless heater for that loop is in front of the battery pack, under the plastic splash shield. It is less than a quarter of the price of the larger HVAC heater. However, if it failed, it is because they did not use the required vacuum procedure for the refill. That is on them. If they are claiming the problem is the cabin heater, they are either idiots, or lying to cover they mistake. The cabin heater failing will have no effect on driveability, and will not prevent driving, or charging.

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