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Post final recall-update less regenerative braking ...

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... or is it just in my head?

We had the final recall update performed a few weeks ago. Since, I know how to limit charging to 90% on my own, we never bothered with the interim fix. After the final recall-update/fix, we think we are having substanitially less regenerative braking when in "L" mode. Before the update, I felt that the car was akin to driving a manual shift car in which you down-shift for compression braking when slowing down, e.g., to go around a corner or to descend a hill. Now, not so much.

Case in point: We live in a hilly neighborhood. My wife commented on how on one particular hill, she never had to apply the brake before. Now she had to ride the brake. She even double checked that she was in "L" and not "D" because to her, it felt like the latter.

We never charge beyond 90%, in part because of the many hills in the neighborhood.

This is on a 2019.

Anyone else?
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We do that. Never more than 90% unless we are planning a long day trip. This is a before and after comparison. Unfortunately, I did not know that this was going to happen on the recall fix or I would have done a more scientific test with before and after data. Now I have to go by what I feel and recall.
The maximum regen is 70 kW. You could drive on a clear stretch of highway and do full regen, in L, plus paddle, and see if it is still there.
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Had the software update this morning. The regen seems totally normal, and will hit 70 kW easily. But that was only at 40% SoC on the way home. I am now charging to hilltop. May charge to 100% tomorrow morning at drive it down 25% SoC, and try an EVgo DC fast charger.

I tried an Electrify America at 37.6% DIC SoC, and it wouldn't put out more than 14 kW!

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