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I keep the screen of my entertainment system on the Home screen (except when navigating). But there are two (so far) events that (a) take the screen away from the Home screen and (b) does not return the screen to the Home screen, and this is when my iPhone is attached via USB and using CapPlay:
  1. When a text message comes in. I see a banner across the top of the screen, the screen switches to the CarPlay screen until the message banner disappears, and then the screen leaves itself in the Music screen.
  2. When a reminder notification comes in (such as a birthday reminder). I see a banner across the top of the screen, the screen switches to the CarPlay screen. In this case, this stays displayed (at least, for as long as I was able to be patient).
In these cases, I have to press the Home button to return to the Home screen. It annoys TF out of me that this software doesn't return the screen automatically to where it was when it is done with what it needs to do. This is simply what polite software should do. Meanwhile, there's been a lot of pressing of the Home button in the first few months I've owned my Bolt, and I expect that it's highly unlikely that Chevy will fix this, so I'll be pushing the Home button many, many more times in the coming years.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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