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So twice now I've had an issue where a charge wouldn't start do to what I think is a shorting fault.

Bad habit of mine is as I get out of my car and walk towards my J1772 plug, I open the charge door ahead of time. When it rains, however, chances are some drops will get into the port on the Bolt and after I plug in, I get a fault and can't charge. Had to twist a napkin into a "spike" to get the water out of one of the pins on the Bolt's charging port the 2nd time this happened so I could charge quickly.

The first time this happened, I thought it was an issue with my new Leviton EVR-Green Mini EVSE. Didn't charge all night. Finally dawned on me later when everything charged fine the next day: there was no rain. Sure enough, when I open the charge door right before plugging in the J1772 plug, charging worked just fine when it rained. This week I tried opening the door early as I normally do and once again, rain eventually hit the charging port just right to cause a fault when I plugged in.

You might even try shielding the port with your body if the rain is really blowing into it.

I had the same problem on my old 2017 Volt too. Pressure washed the Volt in the summer and couldn't charge with OEM EVSE. Noticed some water in the charging port so I left the J1772 and charging door exposed to hot summer air in about an hour everything dried and charged normally.
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