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Been away from the forum for a while, nice to see it flourishing!

Didn't see any recent threads on this. Just got back from the dealer last night having finally done the fix for last year's "possible loss of propulsion" recall and the latest software update. Plugged Boltar into the Clipper Creek in the garage (zero issues ever until today).

Seems to have charged up as normally, though the green charging light was off this morning, not flashing or solid. The car was audibly beeping externally, an unfamiliar sound, and the wife pulled the charge cord out. Car alarm sounded. Error codes on the dashboard that charging was interrupted, possible fault at the charging station, etc. Charging station also had flashing error codes for the first time, resolved with a flip of the house breaker. Car started charging again, green light flashing normally. Problem is repeatable though, and never happened before this update. Not something I care to deal with every morning when it's done charging. Any ideas on how updating the fuse during the "propulsion update" might have affected this?

I no longer see the option in settings to toggle on/off the "alarm when charge cord removed", is that gone now?

Anyone else have issues after the "possible loss of propulsion" recall fix? This was one of the first Bolts out of the factory.

Also, the other reason I brought it in was a worsening front end rattle--the front sway bar failed and was rubbing against the aluminum subframe...any other sway bar failures known to the intelligentsia here? Time for an upgrade? It sounds like there finally are starting to be some performance mods available, if still no confirmation on my requested AWD Bolt SS!
Will try to catch up with the times here.
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