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I started having problems with Android Auto not showing up on the head unit of my Bolt. I finally think I've solved the problem today. I was also having problems with my PC not being able to see my Nexus 5X when I plugged in the USB cable. This started happening after I upgraded to the latest version of Android (Oreo). Searching for the solution to that problem, I found the following:

o Unplug the USB cable
o Tap Setting, System, Developer options
o Set USB debugging in Developer options to "on"
o set usb debugging to "off"
o Plug the cable back in
o Swipe settings down. You should now see a section "USB charging this device". Tap it and select file sharing or one of the other options.

This fix enabled my PC to now see my Nexus. And it turns out I have to do this to make Android Auto work in the Bolt. If I do the above after booting the phone, it seems I'm good to go - until the next time I power off the phone.

I found the above instructions on an Pixel forum, so maybe Google will get around to fixing this someday. I'm posting this info here in case anyone else encounters this problem after upgrading to Oreo.
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