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Qmerit installer inadvertently damaged the plug assembly on my Emporia LV2, so now I have to play electrician...

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So I opted for the Emporia charger for my second home LV2, had it installed a couple of weeks ago, and still haven't used it yet. My installer did a good job for the most part, but at one point, he dropped the plug head on the driveway (about 5.5 feet) and it made a solid "clack" on impact, despite being wrapped in bubble wrap still. I'm sure he thought nothing of it and I didn't figure it would have done much, either. To my chagrin, I took a closer look after he left and saw that the trigger of the "gun" was scuffed pretty good and the plug collar where the trigger slides through (and what keeps it from moving up too much when unplugging) was cracked and just broke off in my fingers. Not a difficult fix and I was able to get Emporia to send me a replacement trigger and collar at no cost.

Unfortunately, while this is a pretty easy fix, it does require me to disassemble the plug head and work with the wires connecting into the actual plug prongs themselves. I'm no electrician and not real fond of working with things like this, so what is my best route to handle? The Emporia rep said he would have to advise throwing the breaker for the charger AND throwing the main to be safe. My power company has an EV guru and he just said the charger breaker alone should be sufficient. Do any of the more electrically-knowledgeable folks here have other suggestions? Should I wear a pair of insulated gloves, too (which might limit dexterity)?

I'm sure I'm overthinking, but I don't want to baconize myself and win a Darwin award for my efforts.馃檭 Instructions on the process from Emporia are below.

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Switch the breaker off for the EV charging circuit. That's all. There is no power to the EVSE gun either way, as it can only power on when commanded by the vehicle.

P.S. Thanx for posting Emporia's repair instructions.
That's actually good to know. Having a rudimentary understanding how the EVSEs work, I thought about this at one point, but I just wasn't sure. That makes me feel a lot better.:)
Btw, here鈥檚 the install; 60A breaker and #4 cabling:

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Technically it should have a disconnect if not close to load center. You lock out and test for voltage.
Do what now? Let's do this again, but like I'm 5. 馃檭
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Your pictures show that it is close to the load center/service entrance. Pull that 60A EVSE breaker and have at it. If it was located far away, it should have a 'switch' or disconnect like you'd see next to an outdoor AC compressor unit.
Ah okay, now I get what you're saying. Yes, it's coming right off the panel where the main and the AC breaker are located about as "on top of the meter" as you can get. Appreciate that!
What zip code are you located in? Maybe someone with experience and a good set of tools might be near enough to give you a hand.
I鈥檓 in 30680.
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The community and such, and the suggestion that people geographically near each other could help each other.

Also, the story arc of some of the hijacked threads can be pretty interesting as well.
I got it done! Only real tricky part was trying to keep pressure on the pins to hold them in place (and aligned with the holes on the plug) while tightening down the screws on the collar. Otherwise, easy peasy.


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I got it done! Only real tricky part was trying to keep pressure on the pins to hold them in place (and aligned with the holes on the plug) while tightening down the crews on the collar. Otherwise, easy peasy.
And charging just fine now!

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