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Question: what kind of charger should I have Qmerit put in?

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I was given two optional add ons :
enel x juicebox vs
wallbox pulsar plus
any opinions?
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My recommendation is ChargePoint flex
Agree with ChargePoint Home Flex!

My electrical service provider offers a rebate for installing approved EVSEs. JuiceBox (two models) and ChargePoint's Home Flex are the ones eligible for this rebate. I spent some time researching approved EVSEs before making a purchase and I found a lot of negative experiences in customer comments for the approved JuiceBox equipment...a lot of them reported the equipment worked for a year or so and then just stopped working--and there were a lot of customers who were dissatisfied with JuiceBox's response to their warranty claims (units come with three-year warranties, but some people complained it took weeks-to-months for them to get a comparable replacement from JuiceBox).

Comments that I found on the ChargePoint Home Flex were by-and-large very positive with an occasional equipment failure reported, but great response from the ChargePoint team so I decided to spend the additional $100 for the ChargePoint unit. I am still waiting for the electrician to install my QMerit branch circuit on the other side of the garage, but have had the ChargePoint Home Flex plugged into another 14-50 receptacle and charging my new EUV for two weeks and the experience with it has been flawless.

Another bonus for me is that the EVSE in my garage integrates with the ChargePoint app on my phone so I can monitor my car's charging times as well as when it calls for power to conduct battery maintenance when it is not charging. Hopefully, the unit will be reliable and deliver years of service.
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PSA - you may also be eligible for the federal tax credit for some of the cost of your EVSE if you are buying one. You can find some details here: How To Get The Federal EV Charger Tax Credit 鈥 Forbes Advisor
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