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Over-driving his visibility + crossing the double yellow +speeding on a narrow public road = not very smart.
Cheesy driving gloves = poseur.
Two thumbs down for this joker.
Bolt must go faster when one wears black gloves ? Someone should have told him that heated steering wheel works wonders for raynaud’s syndrome. No need for black gloves.

Wonder if he’s thought about going thru that 15mph intersection at minute 2:51 at least a few more times (he did it three times). Wouldn’t want to miss opportunity to be a star in a Russian car crash video.

If he’s trying to make a little pocket change by doing videos with his Dad's Bolt. He should try being an Uber driver instead. But ya, but um, you know, I won’t lie to you guys.

Or, if anyone is looking for a volunteer with a Bolt EV to go flying end-over-end over the fence off a bank at Daytona International Speedway, in order to see if the battery stays with the vehicle ? Contact this guy.

Makes one wonder: how many kWh’s are wasted on crap on the internet every day ?
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