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Here is my experience that I had with my dealer and it may help you to get your radio upgraded easier.

So last week, I took my wife's Bolt in to fix the broken DC fast charging port cover (see my other post). We bought her Bolt in June 2017 so I knew that there was a radio upgrade (her Bolt had 13.4.1, I think). I asked the dealer to update the firmware while they had it in for the repair. I saw the mechanics perform an update through the service bay window but when I got the car back, the radio was not updated. Hmmm...

So when we bought my Bolt over the weekend, I setup a service appointment today to get any updates available. Since I know that 14.4.2 is current, I left a note in the car indicating this. The service manager came to me once they saw the note and asked what I wanted upgraded. After some discussions, we realized that when I had asked for a firmware upgrade last week, they had only done the calibration updates to the ECU that controls the drivetrain. They did not realize that I wanted the radio update when I said "update the firmware." So my car got both the calibration updates for the ECU as well as the 14.4.2 radio firmware update for the infotainment system today.

So if you take your Bolt in to get the infotainment system update, make sure that they know that is what they want. They may assume, as my dealer did, that you wanted the ECU for the drivetrain updated. (You might as well ask for that too while you have the car in the shop).

BTW, I had tried to get the infotainment system update via WiFi in my new Bolt prior to today's appointment and the system said that 14.2.1 was the most current version. I guess what they are supplying directly via the Internet is several versions behind what you can get at the dealer (or what you can do yourself via USB).
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