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Range extender

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Most of us contemplating buying a Bolt would not often find range to be a problem, but occasionally it would be. Why not make rental range extender trailers available for the occasional long trip?

The range extender trailer could consist of a gasoline generator of perhaps 30 HP which would be sufficient and still be small and light. Before starting on a long trip, one could rent it from a Chevy dealer, attach it to the car, and plug it into the car. It could increase the number of people buying Chevy Bolts.
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Rent a gas car at Hertz/Avis and make life easy. Last thing I want to see on the highway is an EV towing a generator.
Smartest thing said in my opinion. But not only for this reason but I find it hard to stomach being so far away from home when running into issues. Do that with a rental from some big rental company and you don't have nearly as much to worry about.
Sadly this is part of being an early adopter and we just have to play it best to our needs, these days we have a lot of options, unless you live far out from the city and suburbs. With Uber, Taxi's, Public Transit, Rentals, and even friends my self and many others have options.

Bolt is too nice for me to get a Volt :D
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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