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Hello amigos,

I just realized that the rear brakes/rotors (on both wheels) of my 2020 are becoming slightly warm or even a bit hot after driving a few miles or even on 200 mile long trips. No, I did not touch the brake pedal, not even once. And yes, L mode all the way. This has been happening for quite a while. Luckily no sign of rotor overheating or brake dust...

Front brakes remains ice-ice-cold.

Is it normal???

To be sure, I just jacked the rear wheels and both wheels are indeed quite hard to spin the by hand. I must be losing some % of range...

Did anyone observe this? Could it be perhaps a routine to keep the rear rotor surface clean? This Bosch iBooster + 9th gen ABS setup is quite sophisticated (read once that in certain conditions, on some cars, it may drag the pads to wipe water/slush)...

Or perhaps the Electric Parking Brake (EPB) in need for calibration?

Chevy Bolt 2020 Premier, 卤 3k miles.

In case I'm the only one observing this, the next step is to go to the dealer and teach them about regenerative braking, that brakes on an EVs should remain cold on L mode, bla-bla-bla. Huge storytelling... 馃槫

All the best


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Indeed and I did the test, applying and releasing it, several times.

When on, the parking brake holds the wheels in a way it is impossible to turn (as expected).

On our local Bolt owners group, two 2020 are reporting the same thing...

Let鈥檚 keep an eye!

Wouldn't think so. When you jacked up the car, the car sometimes sets the parking brake if it senses an incline. May have to disconnect the negative battery cable to prevent it.

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Most of the 2020 Bolts in Brazil are reporting warm rear brake rotors after 5 miles or more (L mode, no friction brakes used) ... And yes, just the rear ones. Given the exposure to wind, and still warm, I bet we should be losing some good energy there...

Videos and IR camera images tomorrow... Taking to the dealer.


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So... I scheduled an appointment over the GM App at the local dealer... FYI; I'm currently at the countryside of S茫o Paulo, Botucatu, a rather small city.

Arriving at the dealer, they were waiting for the Bolt, with an available hoist, and two technicians. A mechanic and an onboard systems specialist. There was also the person responsible for the scheduling (holding the paperwork)... Wow!

They did all the tests and it turns out the drag is close to nothing, certainly something made by design to keep the rotor surface with "less water" in case of rain and from the front wheels spray. No worries.

30 minutes later I was on my way back home. Call it "THE" perfect experience.

Kudos to GM, Bolt and the dealer.

Best regards

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