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Got my HOV Red stickers last week and spent the weekend getting the old white ones off.

Its a good job I build model planes and have heat guns etc.

I noticed some things about the white sticker removal that I don't care much for and some stupid advice from the California DMV to put them on over the white ones in the instructions they send you.

First off, the white stickers come off pretty easy with some heat gun action that lasts about three minutes for each one.

They do however leave wording and lettering behind on the bumper paint, that in my case, because my car is summit white, is not such an issue, but I can see some major issues for other color cars here with this white lettering residue that remains.

It resisted attempts to be rubbed off with rubbing compounds as well that led to me carefully placing the new red ones over the old white spaces.

I could not do this with the rear right large sticker because some idiot female driver reversed into me while in a Kaiser Parking lot about a year ago and some paint chipped off and damaged that White HOV sticker as well.

This meant I had to place this new red sticker an inch to the right of where the white one was.

The DMV advise placing the red ones over the white ones but this is not a good idea and actually looks ugly to boot.

Fine for a license plate, not so great for a painted bumper made of plastic.

It may be a moot point by the time the current red ones expire as I doubt they will be replaced by any other scheme as we already have too many jealous people bitching that EV owners are riding the HOV lanes for free.

The HOV lanes should only be allowed for EV IMHO. The way to stop this problem is by banning all ICE vehicles from using the HOV lane regardless of how many people are in them.

It looks like screwy thinking going on in Scarymento again these dayz....

When everyone is on electric we can go back to HOV lanes with passengers, but by then electric drones will become car replacements anyways.

I would also like to see a 700% increase in gas taxes and ICE car licensing while we are at it by the way.

All this beating around the bush about EV's that Donald is bleating about needs legislation like this to overcome this backward thinking.

Governor Moonbeam the second can then use this cash to build PG&E properly, make it a state owned company and set about building an electrical grid that works properly before privatizing it again.

Power generation needs to come from houses of buildings being worked or lived in via solar and wind power or sea wave generation where it makes sense.

This idea of pumping power across a failing and antiquated grid needs to come to an end. Its madness and inefficient.

My ideas for tomorrow....

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