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Renting a Polestar 2

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A couple of weeks ago my 2020 Bolt LT got hit by a red light runner. The impact was directly on the rear driver side wheel damaging the axel, strut, wheel, fender and bumper. Since I drive an EV I wanted to rent an EV and after two weeks, Enterprise came up with a Polestar 2. I’m looking forward to learning all about it. I know others here have spoken favorably about it. Just the little bit of driving I’ve done so far has illuminated the differences between it and the Bolt. My neighbor just texted how sporty it looks.
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OK so first off the Polestar 2 STARTS at $47k that's a car in a different price class than the Bolt and I hate when people compare differently priced cars without mentioning that Yes the Ferrari is nicer than the Caviler, but it costs a lot more too.
Second I feel like Polestar is aiming at a sportier market than the Bolt. But that could be because The most I hear about it is from Misha who drives for Apex a Nürburgring Taxi/Rental company.
Long story short, I'm jealous.
Can I tell you it drives me NUTS that the center console arm rest and the arm rest on the door are different heights in the Bolt.
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