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Renting a Polestar 2

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A couple of weeks ago my 2020 Bolt LT got hit by a red light runner. The impact was directly on the rear driver side wheel damaging the axel, strut, wheel, fender and bumper. Since I drive an EV I wanted to rent an EV and after two weeks, Enterprise came up with a Polestar 2. I’m looking forward to learning all about it. I know others here have spoken favorably about it. Just the little bit of driving I’ve done so far has illuminated the differences between it and the Bolt. My neighbor just texted how sporty it looks.
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@SteveCaz We will be replacing a Niro hybrid in the near future with a second EV. I’m glad to have this opportunity to try the Polestar 2 for an extended period. Glad to hear you are happy with your purchase.
I agree there is a lot to like about the Polestar 2 but I really think the center console is intrusive in a way the Bolt’s isn’t. There is one exposed cup holder which is high enough that my elbow keep hitting my water bottle. Flip the lid for the other bottle holder but there doesn’t appear to be any storage space. I’m tall and narrow and my right leg rests uncomfortably against the console whereas the Bolt is open there. Also I’ve hit my head on the doorframe a couple times. The Bolt definitely has more headroom. Haven’t used the trunk yet but it looks roomy. I‘m still searching for the sweet spot of regen level and creep. Bolt, because it’s simpler, is more intuitive, IMO. It’s a nice rental but I don’t think I’m interested in buying a Polestar 2.
Interesting in that while GM wanted driving an EV to seem familiar to any ICE driver, Polestar 2 goes farther, with one passing mention of energy recovery, but calling it "braking" eight different times.
Setting level of braking effect
There are three different levels for energy recovery using the accelerator pedal that regulate braking effect.
The vehicle's factory default setting is Standard mode. Adapts braking effect to the driving situation in which the vehicle is used, e.g. snowy or icy roads.
Setting in the center display
Select Drive.
  • Adjust braking effect preferences under One Pedal Drive.

PositionBraking effect
OffNo braking power will be applied and the vehicle will roll freely.
LowSome braking effect will be applied.
StandardHigh braking effect.

jack vines
I currently have the setting at Low with Creep On. That’s produced the smoothest starting and stopping experience, so far. Standard with Creep Off was just too abrupt stopping and too much pedal work getting going in traffic and backing out. Sometimes simpler is better and here I think the Bolt is better than P2. I’m sure over the time I have this until the Bolt is repaired I’ll get used to it.
After three weeks my Bolt is repaired and I’ve returned the Polestar 2 to the rental company. The extended rental period allowed for validation of many initial impressions and reconsideration of others.

I found the front console to be poorly designed. There is little storage space in an incredibly large space. Never got comfortable with the cup holder placement. I, and 3 passengers found the seats to be the most difficult of any to climb out. They are low. The back seats are low.

I really liked the user interface with the infotainment system. Intuitive and responsive. The Google assistant is much better than Siri. Climate control worked very well.

The car was very quick and powerful. It wasn’t the smoothest ride in the world. The range, too, was less than I expected. At 90% charge it showed 220 miles of expected range.

Overall, I would expect many people to be satisfied with the Polestar 2. There is a lot to like. As a driver I found the issues with space and storage to grow more annoying over time. As a healthy 70 year old man, I found getting out of the vehicle to be more difficult than it should be. I’m sure it’s okay for many, but not for me.

I would not buy a Polestar 2 but I understand why many would. I’m glad I had the chance to drive it for an extended period.
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Agree. I have similar reaction to the Tesla Model 3. Once settled in and going down the highway, the Model 3 seats are more comfortable than the Bolt. However, climbing in and out while city errand running is easy with the Bolt, a PITA with the low-slung Model 3. Glad I have the opportunity to occasionally drive one in the family.

jack vines
We tried the Model 3 but went with the Model Y. Cargo space was the primary reason but the low seats factored heavily into our decision. Keeping the Bolt, too.
Couple of updates. First, the body work on the Bolt was not acceptable so back in the shop. The gap between the bumper and rear fender was wide at the top and touching at the bottom. After a second attempt it is better but still not right. Will talk to adjuster. Second, had a chance to test drive RWD Ioniq5, SE model. Liked it so ordered RWD limited model, due in 3 to 6 months. Will keep Tesla order open as it isn’t scheduled for delivery until December.
OK so first off the Polestar 2 STARTS at $47k that's a car in a different price class than the Bolt and I hate when people compare differently priced cars without mentioning that Yes the Ferrari is nicer than the Caviler, but it costs a lot more too.
Second I feel like Polestar is aiming at a sportier market than the Bolt. But that could be because The most I hear about it is from Misha who drives for Apex a Nürburgring Taxi/Rental company.
Long story short, I'm jealous.
I definitely realize an apples to apples comparison between the Bolt and Polestar 2 can’t be made. Having said that there are some aspects of every vehicle that can be compared. Functionality of space, ease of access and egress and functionality of common features between brands can be compared regardless of price. I noticed in the video the minute the driver got on the track he grumbled about the height of the center console. I think the Bolt has a much more functional interior space with ample storage, good cup holder location and easy access to controls. The PS2, not so much. It’s a performance demon for sure. It’s nice looking. After driving the PS2 for the better part of a month I find the Bolt far less sexy but very functional, accessible and actually, strictly my opinion, more fun to drive.
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