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Renting a Polestar 2

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A couple of weeks ago my 2020 Bolt LT got hit by a red light runner. The impact was directly on the rear driver side wheel damaging the axel, strut, wheel, fender and bumper. Since I drive an EV I wanted to rent an EV and after two weeks, Enterprise came up with a Polestar 2. I’m looking forward to learning all about it. I know others here have spoken favorably about it. Just the little bit of driving I’ve done so far has illuminated the differences between it and the Bolt. My neighbor just texted how sporty it looks.
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After three weeks my Bolt is repaired and I’ve returned the Polestar 2 to the rental company. The extended rental period allowed for validation of many initial impressions and reconsideration of others.

I found the front console to be poorly designed. There is little storage space in an incredibly large space. Never got comfortable with the cup holder placement. I, and 3 passengers found the seats to be the most difficult of any to climb out. They are low. The back seats are low.

I really liked the user interface with the infotainment system. Intuitive and responsive. The Google assistant is much better than Siri. Climate control worked very well.

The car was very quick and powerful. It wasn’t the smoothest ride in the world. The range, too, was less than I expected. At 90% charge it showed 220 miles of expected range.

Overall, I would expect many people to be satisfied with the Polestar 2. There is a lot to like. As a driver I found the issues with space and storage to grow more annoying over time. As a healthy 70 year old man, I found getting out of the vehicle to be more difficult than it should be. I’m sure it’s okay for many, but not for me.

I would not buy a Polestar 2 but I understand why many would. I’m glad I had the chance to drive it for an extended period.
It's always nice to be able to rent a car for some time vs just a test drive. I hope your Bolt is good as new.

Many years ago, I rented a Miata while on winter vacation in San Diego. A few years later, I ended up buying one here in Minnesota. As much as I enjoyed my Miata, it wasn't quite as nice as the rental. However, that may have had more to do with location.😃
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