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Renting an ICE instead

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I got my EUV in late 2022 and have about 5500 miles on it. I love almost everything about it, except for the lack of reliable fast chargers on road trips in the Northeastern U.S. I鈥檝e read what others have posted about their long trips and the strategizing that goes into what was once pretty straightforward with my old ICE vehicle. With that in mind, I think renting an ICE vehicle is the most practical way for me to travel by car for a few hundred miles.
Anyone else already reached the same conclusion?
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Yes and no. I had always planned on renting an ICE for longer trips. Then Covid screwed up the rental car business and I drove the Bolt and put up with long charging times. Now that the rental cars are more normal I think it's a great way to go. Heck, even before I got an EV I would rent a car for long trips just to not put the high miles on my car. Even with a long range Tesla, there was a long trip that would have required going pretty far out of the way and adding hours to a vacation. So instead I rented an ICE and no worries.
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If you鈥檝e kids or spouse that don鈥檛 like to put up with the wait
Yup. I had no problem by myself with the 1 hour and 15 minute stop in Kingman for Vegas trips. Check email, forums, news, grab a drink at the grocery store. No problem. When I took my wife on a trip though... problem.
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