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Resolved: Whole house is tripped at times when Bolt is charging

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As some of you know from my other posts, I had my basement finished which required a new electric panel in the basement. I also at the same time got my Bolt and had a 240 V circuit at 50 amp installed in my existing panel.

Now whenever I have the dryer on while the car is charging the whole garage panel trips from the outside panel. That was kind of understandable, but today it tripped when I was just using the microwave.

It may be that my electrician does not know what he is doing.
I asked him when he installed the charger and he told me at the time that all is fine with the 50 amp circuit.
But he is now saying that I need to get more power from the electricity company. That will be 1000s of dollars!

I am attaching photos of my outside panel and the one in the garage. The garage one has outdated labeling. The lowest left breaker, 50 amp, is for the car.
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You do have very old breakers. You need actual amp meter to see or test breaker or just replace it. Your electrician may be correct that your voltage to your panel is low. That would have to be tested also. 5% and 10% rules

From the looks of it you have way over amped the panel.

Maybe some regional deal. 100A service should be a 100A panel and 100A main breaker.
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You need to go back to square one with some load calculations and meter readings
This isn't some 1000A breaker repair is it?
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