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Here in CA, the CVRP rebate requires you to keep the car for 30 months. If you sell it before that, then you have to payback the rebate based on the month left. They will prorate it, for example, you sold the car within 15 months of ownership, then you need to payback half of the rebate.
So probably same rules to apply to your area.

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I've never heard of a state enforcing these sort of incentives. Usually the wording of the law says something along the lines of the owner intends to keep the vehicle for x number of years, or gives exceptions to give a person an out.

That said, it's important to keep your word. If you agree to something, see it through to the extent that you are able to.

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Just want to say that I am debating on opening a complaint with GM about the same issue the dealer can't fix. If I take it in again it will be the 4th time for the same issue.
They say they can't find the issue, I have had everything else fixed that is a known issue.
If GM takes my car back, and depending on what they will pay me for this car depends on what I buy. Or I will trade it in for something totally different which will pisss me off that I lose money on this car that I had planned on keeping forever. I also have owned another BEV (no rebate) and have a hybrid (no rebate) and Will own another BEV.
I have excise taxes every year so keeping this car lowers that tax every year after DOM. If I get another Bolt I start all over again.
Below is how our excise tax works (this does NOT replace Sales tax of 6.5%)

The amount of the motor vehicle excise due on any particular vehicle or trailer in any
registration year is calculated by multiplying the value of the vehicle by the motor vehicle
excise rate. That rate is fixed at $25.00 per thousand dollars of value. The value of a
vehicle for the purpose of the excise is the applicable percentage for that year of the
manufacturer’s suggested retail price for that vehicle. The applicable percentages are set
out in Ch. 60A §1 as follows:
In the year preceding the year of manufacture 50%
In the year of manufacture 90%
In the second year 60%
In the third year 40%
In the fourth year 25%
In the fifth and succeeding years 10%
The manufacturer’s list price for any particular vehicle is the price recommended by the
manufacturer as the selling price of that vehicle when new. It is the manufacturer’s list
price rather than the actual purchase price which will control for purposes of calculating
the motor vehicle excise.

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I have no idea if they would enforce it. Here in Cali some areas get a Valley Air Pollution District rebate of $3000. This rebate is actually checked on. You need to send in a form and copy of current car registration for the first two years. The regular Cali rebate they would have to check DMV registrations, which they could enforce if they wanted.
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