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Rising Gas Prices in Calif. -- Drive New EV Adoption?

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Well we're up to 4.00 / gal. once again in Calif. all the usual reasons (excuses) as to why this is happening to us whereas the national avg. price is 2.83 / gal.

So the question is ... will this help to further drive up EV sales in the Golden State? ;)
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Oh man I got F'n tents on my kids way to school. No they are not gone.. Yes mentally unstable folks, some of them. As the neighborhood kids could tell you from firsthand accounts.

Yeah and about those gas prices... high enough for ya? I wouldn't know. :p
This one should be dated recently enough for anybody..
Getting back on topic, one of my neighbors finally asked me about my car last week. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but now that think about it the gas prices likely had something to do with it. Keeping in mind in 18 months nobody has ever said a word. I gave him the positive break down... aka the truth.
It's a nice feeling not really knowing what the gas prices are at, isn't it?

Don't know about you guys but I still do purchase gasoline for my small engines. In that case don't really pay attention to the rates because it lasts so dang long in those little guys.
1 - 4 of 93 Posts
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