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Rising Gas Prices in Calif. -- Drive New EV Adoption?

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Well we're up to 4.00 / gal. once again in Calif. all the usual reasons (excuses) as to why this is happening to us whereas the national avg. price is 2.83 / gal.

So the question is ... will this help to further drive up EV sales in the Golden State? ;)
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LOL - 72 degrees, sunny, and surrounded by blue sky and flowers.

It's 72 etcetera here too, without the homeless camps up and down the streets of my city.

You might consider a photo that's not obsolete. The homeless encampments on the Santa Ana River in this photo were eliminated over a year ago. At least try to be current in your jealous rage...
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What in the world is all this about?? Are you afraid too many people are leaving California? I know no one with this concern.

Like I said, I am born and bred California and I have traveled the entire state extensively including through Marysville and Susanville. I have also traveled much of the rest of the USA and even many foreign countries. What I had learned is, California is a very, very nice piece of real estate, probably the best in the States. However it is not the end all and be all for places to live. If you think so, great, but there are places I have traveled to outside of California I dearly love.

Our decision to leave California should not be considered "bashing" California. I will not. I love my state and it really is a great place. Likely it will always be "home" to me, but there are compelling reasons to leave, I have seen other lovely places and I'd like to shake it up and try being something other than a "Californian" for some of my life.

One of the greatest benefits of being from California is while traveling internationally. When asked "What the **** is going on with your President", I simply answer "Don't blame me, I'm from California."
Foreign opinion of Trump or US politics in general vary as much as they do here. Plenty of Canadians are "pro Trump", for instance.

I don't have to like Trump to agree with some of his decisions, and I don't have to dislike Trump to disagree with some of his decisions.

According to Wikipedia, CA elected Clinton as the Democratic primary nominee, so CA absolutely played their part in selecting the worst candidate to run against Trump.

I think I better let this one go...
Sorry but I cannot figure out how to start a new thread, I live in Illinois, they want to raise our license plate registration from $17.50 per year to a $1,000 a year, Yikes. Hope this doesn't happen.

I can understand that States want to recapture the gas tax revenue that EVs skip out on, but $1,000? Reduced State revenue due to improved ICE efficiency has been a talked-about problem for years. Wide acceptance of EVs can certainly make it much worse. Charging every passenger vehicle the $1,000 yearly, and eliminating the State taxes on gasoline would level the playing field. I don't know what the portion of the cost of a gallon of gas is represented by State taxes in Illinois, but a $1,000 fee per year sounds high.

If this is implemented, the voters in Illinois need to make sure that the per gallon State tax is eliminated at the same time.

I won't take the bet that it will be...
I'd simply register at someone else's address in another state. They'd get zero rather than their expected $1,000.

Reminds me of how NY tried to bully Amazon and lost out. Business and consumers won't stand for bullying.

Doing what you suggest is patently illegal. California has a mechanism to ferret out scofflaws such as this, and the penalties are severe.
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