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Road Trip Question

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Greetings to all Bolt drives. Michael here, loving my Bolt, and new to the forum with a question: I understand Tesla offers to its drivers some kind of automated network analysis for route planning from charging station to charging station, between designated starting and end points. Has anyone found any similar tools for use with Bolt? Chargepoint shows locations of charge stations but only in vicinity of one location, so there is much work involved in planning a long trip. Any experiences or insights appreciated.
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News Coulomb is our most experienced Bolt EV cross country driver. He taught me that on the first leg leaving home, you want to drive as far as possible to the next charger using as much of that full charge you left home with. Unless a full charge is needed at the next recharging stop you should only charge to 80% SOC maximum for subsequent legs because the rate of charge really drops off after reaching 50% SOC. Unless, critically needed, 80% is the max because otherwise you are needelessly wasting time that would better be used driving, not charging slowly above 80%.
Winds are a big deal above 15mph. Rapidly dropping temps outside can ruin your day too. Plan a good 15% reserve when possible, maintain a close watch on the 2 range numbers--- what your GOM / REG range prediction on your DICU says and miles to destination on your infotainment screen using google maps off of your smart phone. Enjoy! Thanks.

When planning a trip where L-3 charging is necessary (and time is of the essence), I try to leave home NOT fully charged, but just enough to get to the EVSE with a 10% mileage buffer. Then, I only charge to a max of 80% (waiting to charge to 100% is extremely time-wasteful). I try to plan my charging around meals. I use the rule of thumb or losing (or gaining) 15+ miles for every 1000' of climb or descent.
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