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Road Trip Question

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Greetings to all Bolt drives. Michael here, loving my Bolt, and new to the forum with a question: I understand Tesla offers to its drivers some kind of automated network analysis for route planning from charging station to charging station, between designated starting and end points. Has anyone found any similar tools for use with Bolt? Chargepoint shows locations of charge stations but only in vicinity of one location, so there is much work involved in planning a long trip. Any experiences or insights appreciated.
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Thanks, I will check out the Plugshare app. Another question, in case anyone knows (or can suggest where better I ought to post this): In estimating the distance of a route that takes overall average elevation from start to end into account along with as the crow flies distance, I am using the pythagorean theorem. I think that will give a reasonable minimum distance of travel from which to calculate kWh needed purely based on distance (hence how many stops to charge). This excludes the additional energy needed to overcome gravity on the (net) uphill side of the trip. Does anyone know if there is a factor I can include, that estimates the additional kWh per degree of angle of elevation, or something like that?
Thank you XJ12, PeterE, and StanWagon, for the beautiful discussion and solution to this estimation problem. Much respect!
Thanks for this additional info. Plugshare (the app at least) has a trip planner (as 42.2 suggested) seems like a good solution. Did not realize there is one in the Chevy app too -- will look into it. Wow, you have done some research PG! Looking forward to studying it. EDF, thanks so much for the guidance -- it makes a lot of sense! Will keep an eye out for news coulomb too!

Cheers all,
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