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As I mentioned in another post I'm saving quite a bit on fuel so I'm putting some of the cash towards an upgrade from the stock LT stereo. One of the main items I'm going with is a Rockford Fosgate DSP. Anyone on here go with this Unit and install it yet? It's fairly new only having been released late last Year. I picked one up from Amazon 3rd party seller for around $235. So far I haven't done much but update Android on my tablet , download the "perfect tune " Android software. I also downloaded PC software, updated DSP firmware , and tried out the software by rigging up an ac adapter to test Bluetooth connection and software. All works well so far. I've Yet to install anything.
Main question; Anyone else on here go with this system and how well does it work without the special "maestro" harness?- which is not yet available for GM vehicles. I've attached a screenshot of the software on my tablet- needs Android 6 as minimum requirement.


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